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When ‘Mindfulness’ Doesn’t Work, This Does
LIFESTYLE , Stories of the Month ,
October 4, 2015


I have read so many new books and articles on mindfulness and living in the present. They all preach experiencing…
Dinners, Panels, & More Can’t Miss Networking Events This October
Stories of the Month , WORK EASY ,
October 1, 2015


Here are your hand-selected networking events for the month of October: October 1 Think Local First DC Developer’s Dinner  Info+RSVP 6:oop.m. Alba…
The Super Dope Before Work Dance Party You’ll Want to Try
PLAY HARD , Stories of the Month ,
September 29, 2015


When you think of mornings, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Probably something like: coffee, pajamas, and that…
4 Power Plays Women Need to Steal from Trump
LIFESTYLE , Stories of the Month ,
September 16, 2015


Just about every branch of the media is eager to remind us of Donald Trump’s constant swing between political freakshow and unprecedented…
Here’s Why Young Creatives Are Dying to Telecommute
LIFESTYLE , Stories of the Month ,
September 6, 2015


Telecommuting may not be a viable option for every employee or every industry, but incorporating flexibility into your current work…
Not Looking for a Job? A Top DC Recruiter Says Interview Anyway
PEOPLE , Stories of the Month , WORK EASY ,
August 28, 2015


When you finally land the decent, well-paying gig you’ve been looking for, the last thought for most would be to keep interviewing.…
This One Issue Can Ruin Your Future in DC
LIFESTYLE , Stories of the Month ,
August 13, 2015


Kimberly Perry of DC Vote is on a mission to ensure that your future (along with every DC resident) is…
Guests enjoyed complimentary Grey Goose cocktails
Another Exclusive Club Launches in DC, This One Promises Serious Perks
LIFESTYLE , Stories of the Month ,
August 5, 2015


On Thursday night, the members only club Magnises – that connects millennials with new people, products and opportunities, announced their DC presence in a big…
This is How You Leap Into a Life of Adventure
LIFESTYLE , Stories of the Month ,
July 26, 2015


“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well…
The Best Small Venues for Concerts in DC
PLAY HARD , Stories of the Month ,
July 19, 2015


Need a different way to unwind after work and over the weekend? Try one of the many concerts in DC at one…
Apple CEO to GWU Grads: Find Your North Star
Stories of the Month , WORK EASY ,
July 18, 2015


The George Washington University had the pleasure of having Dr. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, address the Class of…
Best coffee shops for networking in DC
These High-Brow Coffee Shops Are Perfect for Networking
Stories of the Month , WORK EASY ,
July 5, 2015


Because you’re a bad bish who walks the walk, an exchange of cards is most often followed by a one-on-one. The next…
A New Ambition: Millennials Are Totally Skipping the Corner Office
Stories of the Month , WORK EASY ,
May 25, 2015


For years, the goal for modern professionals has been to reach the corner office by 30. But according to recent…
The Speak opens on K Street for happy hour and late night
Underground Cocktail Bar, The Speak, Opens on K Street
LIFESTYLE , Stories of the Month ,
May 21, 2015


The new perfectly unpretentious underground cocktail bar, The Speak, opened in downtown DC this week. Hidden beneath the bustling K Street corridor, The Speak is…
This is How You Ditch the Fear and Start Trusting Yourself
Stories of the Month , WORK EASY ,
April 1, 2015


We all struggle with different areas of trusting ourselves.  Some of us trust ourselves at work, but struggle to trust…
This is How You Get People To Take You Seriously
PEOPLE , Stories of the Month , WORK EASY ,
January 22, 2015


Co-author of the bestselling book Compelling People: The Hidden Qualities That Make Us Influential, Mathew Kohut is an expert in non-verbal communication and political…
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