Bye bye 20s. Hello 30s.

With almost a decade of work experience under your belt, and what seems like a lifetime of paying bills, you’re 100% ready for this next chapter of your life. Feeling pressure to plan the perfect day? Don’t.

The day will come, and just like that, it’s gone. The only thing that will matter, is having the people you care about by your side. These 30th birthday ideas are here to help you feel less overwhelm and more joy.

Whether you want to go big or go little, we’ve broken down some of the best things to do and places to go for your special day.

For most of us, our 30th birthday symbolizes an official shift into adulthood. It is a special milestone that comes with changing perspectives, new goals, and maybe even a move to a new city.  Is your 30th birthday worth celebrating? Absolutely. But the best part about adulthood is you get to choose how you do it. Whether you go all out or stay low key, is up to you.

Here’s our curated list of unboring 30th birthday ideas to remember:

Cheap & Chic | $

Pack a Picnic. If the weather calls for it, grab a blanket, pack a picnic, and spending the day reading and people watching.

See the City By Bike. There’s nothing more fun (and affordable) than grabbing a group of friends and rolling through the city on some rented wheels. Bike shares and electric scooters are literally everywhere. Download a popular app like Bird or Jump and find one near you.

Enjoy an Airbnb Experience. Airbnb Experiences arrived on the scene just a few years ago. In that time, the choices of things to do on the platform has exploded. From wolf experiences to walking tours you can easily find a budget friendly option that piques your interest.

Create Your Own Mardi Gras. Don’t you just love a theme? No one knows how to throw a party quite like New Orleans. Find a NOLA themed bar or host a mardi gras themed party. Here’s some NOLA themed decorations to get you started.

Try an Escape Room 2.0. You’ve heard of an Escape Room, but have you ever heard of an Escape Bus? The transportable escape room will kick your evening into second gear during this 40 minute adventure. Test your action-movie skills or keen detective abilities and break out like bandits in this “prison break” simulation via Escape Bus.

Enjoy a Free Yoga Class. Most yoga studios in your city will offer a free class for new students. You can also check your local community center or retail stores that sell athletic attire.

Root for the Home Team. For major league attention on your 30th birthday, grab cheap tickets to a major league baseball game.

Visit a Micro Distillery. These small, boutique-style distilleries are popping up around the country. Enjoy a tour and tasting of small batch concoctions.

Go to a Beer Garden. There’s something about being outside with a nice cold beer. It’s a great low key event that almost everyone will be up for.

Fill Your Day with History and Culture. Tour a museum or find an art gallery with an interesting new exhibit.

Belt out Some Tunes. Sing along or grab the mic at a karaoke night.

Go Line Dancing. Because why not? Get southern with it with cowgirl boots and a cowgirl hat. Have we mentioned we love a theme? After burning all those calories, top off the night with some authentic BBQ.

Bowl the Night Away. Team up and go bowling.

Take a Salsa Class. Find a salsa class nearby and learn how to shake it like a pro.

Midrange Prices | $$

Host a Cocktail Competition. Grab a bottle (or two) of your favorite top shelf liquor and assemble your crew. Choose to provide mixers and garnishes or have a friend bring some along. Make up your own rules and rewards. But whoever makes the best cocktail will have bragging rights for months to come.

It’s a Photoshoot. Whether you’re going it alone, want to drag along a partner, or capture an experience, feel like a VIP by hiring a photographer to capture your big day. Find a professional online or find one on Instagram using #yourcityphotograher. For example, if you live in Washington, DC search “#dcphotographer”.

Host a Dinner Party. Find a special market or specialty grocer who sells fresh, handmade pasta. Then make a budget friendly meal that tastes like a million bucks.

Go on a Radius Road Trip. Did you know you can search destinations by radius. Use a map like Google maps and decide how far you’re willing to drive. Google will then spit out locations near you. If you’re feeling adventurous, decide your destination by closing your eyes or tossing a coin.

Push Your Physical Boundaries. Have you been thinking about running a marathon? How about something just as challenging but way less boring. The Tough Mudder lives up to its name by being just that– tough. But if you’re ready to kick up your health and wellness, it could be a great way to start.

Enjoy an In-Home Massage. Need a spa day but don’t want to leave your home? Enjoy a highly-rated in-home massage with an app like Zeel. For such a convenient service, it’s surprisingly affordable.

Tour a Small Town. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Tour a quaint nearby town like Old Town Alexandria. They are often full of history and great restaurants that aren’t booked.

Get Flowers Delivered to Your Door. Nothing says self-care like a fresh bouquet of flowers delivered to your door. Take a look at these stunning birthday arrangements from ProFlowers.

Try Stand Up Paddle Boarding. This core workout is tougher than it looks. Spend the day on the river and get a workout at the same time by trying this interesting workout.

Go on a Dinner Cruise. Ahoy matey. Set sail and enjoy a night of dinner and entertainment by booking a dinner cruise. These often include breathtaking views and delectable meals.

Feel What It’s Like to Fly. Reach new heights at Skyzone, the trampoline facility you wish existed when you were younger. Reserve a space at night and experience a glow stick fueled dance party while bouncing to your favorite songs.

Make a Reservation at a New Restaurant. Even if you’ve lived in the city for years, there are dozens of new restaurants popping up every year that you may not have had the chance to visit. Find one that sparks your fancy and let your taste buds explore. Here are some of the best birthday restaurants.

Master the Art of Sushi Rolling. Learn the art of sushi rolling with expertly paired sake and Asian-inspired cocktails at a restaurant like Sushi Rock. Learn a new skill and enjoy the deliciously curated menu.

VIP Vibes | $$$

Turn Your Spa Day into a Spa Weekend. Turn an hour of indulgence into an entire weekend away. Some of your favorite hotels have stunning spas. Book a room and enjoy an entire weekend of wellness.

Tour a Winery. Book a special tasting at a winery. Go VIP by booking transportation to and from the venue with a group of your friends.

Charter a Yacht. Enjoy peak luxury by booking a few hours on a yacht. There’s also no need to go abroad, just search for the closest charter to you.

Host a Catered Dinner Party. A personalized shopping experience should just be the beginning of your VIP birthday celebration. Enjoy a tasting menu of uniquely designed items prepared just for you at this DC hot spot.

Explore a Multi-Course Tasting Menu. Explore Tock lists the best restaurant experiences in your city. Treat yourself to a night of elegance and indulgence by booking a 12-course tasting menu at a michelin star restaurant like Pineapple and Pearls.

Rent Out a Venue. Use a platform like Airbnb or new arrival Peerspace to find the perfect venue to host your birthday party. You’ll be able to curate a unique birthday celebration for less than you think.

Book a Helicopter Ride. See a whole new side of your city by booking a helicopter ride.

Learn about Tequila from an Expert. Get hands on with a cocktail class from a master mixologist. The Johnny Pistolas Taqueria Restaurant and Lounge will host 30 of your friends for a 2 hour appetizer and tequila tasting lead by an experienced bartenders.

Find a Secret Speakeasy. Instead of finding another bar, ask around for a secret speakeasy. You know, the kind where you have to enter through a secret door or need a password to get in. With an entrance down an unmarked set of stairs, Denson Liquor Bar in Washington is easy to miss but perfect for a sophisticated night out.

Host a Cocktail Party. Get dressed up and host a night of craft cocktails and passed horderves.

Book a Night at a Luxury Hotel. If you love hotels, there’s no better night to book one than your 30th birthday. Go all our and splurge on a room at the Ritz Carlton or Four Seasons.