Your winter body needs a workout.

Winter vacation is around the corner. And we could all use a nice mental and physical break from the daily grind. Between the restaurant exploration, tourist hotspots, and Thanksgiving feasts, keeping up with your fitness regimen may seem less than appealing. So, here are super-simple ways to exercise, even while in vacay-mode.

Create a scene

Take a brisk walk to soak in your vacation scenery. Reflect on life, clear the mind, and admire the new landscape or city skyline, all while logging in miles. Or, find a park on the other side of town and jog over to check it out.

Have class

Try out a local yoga studio or boutique gym. You’ll get a glimpse of a different fitness community and do something great for your body. Pair the class with a post-workout meal at a popular eatery for a unique experience.

Keep it short and simple

Take 15 minutes and do a quick workout in your hotel room or gym. Think one-minute sets of push-ups, squats, crunches, jumping jacks, and planks. Jog for a minute in between each exercise and you’ve got yourself a no-fuss, no-equipment workout, complete with cardio and strength.

Groove and move

Create an upbeat vacation playlist that doubles as your exercise pump-up music. Think fast pace and big beats. Before brunch, enjoy your tunes while running the hotel stairwell or treadmill, or jogging through the town square. It’ll put you in a great mood. And what better way to start a day of exploration?

Breathe and release

Not feeling a high-intensity workout? Aim for low-intensity and stress-relieving, like a long walk and extended set of stretches. Deep breathing while stretching will slow your body down and loosen it up. Do some slow head and shoulder rolls, torso twists, and runners’ lunges. A real breather from the daily chaos. And you deserve every bit of it.

So, in preparation for your next vacation, toss in some workout gear and build that new playlist. In addition to exploring a new town, you’ll also explore a new running path or gym class. Cheers to keeping fit, fresh, and energized and really enjoying that extra vacation cocktail.