Bound, a new dating app for people in tech, is on a mission to shake up the online dating world.

The app is members-only, which means all users are vetted and approved before joining. They’re also focused on community; regularly hosting in-person events where members can meet, mingle and find belonging.

But more controversially, Bound lets users share their income with matches. 

The topic of money is often avoided in dating, but the founders believe it’s important to be upfront about something as important as finances.

The founder and CEO of Bound, Ursula Lauriston, calls the app an experiment. She wants to see if people are willing to share their income with matches and if it will lead to more meaningful connections.

“Money is an important part of life and should be discussed openly and honestly,” says Lauriston. “We want to create a space where people feel comfortable talking about their finances and finding partners who are on the same page.”

Bound is still in the early stages, but has already launched in Washington, DC and New York. The app is scheduled to launch in San Francisco, Chicago and Miami in 2024. Skip the waitlist and apply to join here

Bound is a sister company of CAPITOL STANDARD.