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A look inside Kali Amir's new Brookland neighborhood home.
"I miss the 24 hr maintenance guy. Now I have to fix things myself."
-Kali Amir

Tucked away on a quiet street in the traditional DC neighborhood of Brookland, sits a pewter grey house manicured to perfection. The house tells the story of Kali Shelton, a 28-year-old analyst for a government contractor.

Why did you decide to buy?

It was the right time. Interest rates are low and so much development is happening in DC. Home prices are going up…

What is your favorite aspect of your new home?

The kitchen, I don’t really cook, but I have a chef’s kitchen. I want to learn how cook to so I can entertain and have dinner parties.

How much work did you put into this house?

I did a complete renovation, tore down walls, added lighting, new electrical and plumbing, added a half bath and laundry room on the main level. Opened the space up and renovated the kitchen.

How would you describe your interior design style?

Industrial chic. I love classic looks mixed with a modern edge. I love accents on chrome and metal. Throughout my house you will see lots of metal.

What’s the best part of being a homeowner?

Being in control of your space. Renting you always have to check and “OK” things with management/owners (i.e. painting walls, hanging art, and parking). I love that I can do whatever I want in my house.

And the worst?

Repairs – I miss the 24 hr maintenance guy. Now I have to fix things myself. When  I bought my house I did buy a home warranty, which covers most common issues (plumbing, electrical, appliances etc) this will help in the long run.

Many young professionals might be in the position to buy but aren’t sure where they might end up in a year or two. What advice do you have for them?

Buy now! Buying in the DC metro area is a great investment. Remember that DC is very transient. There is always someone looking to rent and people come and go everyday; whether it’s for an internship, grad school, or a permanent move.

What are some things young home buyers should look out for when buying a home?

Make sure you get your home inspected and appraised. Do your homework and research the neighborhood. DC is still changing so make sure you make a smart purchase. Buying near retail, metro stations, or college/universities is always a good idea.

Check out Kali’s pad

Photos by Jonathon Alexander

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