If you’re weighing where to spend your precious moments outside of work, know that Washington, DC’s Cherry Blossom Festival is a solid contender.

During peak bloom (estimated to be between April 04-17), the streets are lined with Japanese cherry blossoms, pop-up bars and restaurants abound, and a once sleepy city becomes alive.

The Cherry Blossom Festival is a vacation from vacations. It requires so little effort. All you have to do, if you even want to leave your room, is walk around and fall in love with the season. But if you’re looking to take advantage of DC’s now thriving culinary scene, you’re also in luck. For the best places to eat and sleep during this year’s cherry blossom festival, you won’t have to look far. Here’s our curated list:



The Pembroke cherry blossom-festival washington dc dupnt circle what to eatTHE PEMBROKE

Go for the farm to table menu. Or the Instagram-worthy design. We won’t judge. The Pembroke, tucked inside in The Dupont Circle hotel, is fresh on the DC dining scene. The space is filled with classic luxury staples. Plush velvet and high-end leather seats line the room.

The global menu is sprinkled with flavors from Morocco, France, Italy, Spain and more. while the 10-cocktail drink menu complements The Pembroke’s impressively extensive wine list of nearly 70 bottles and almost 30 glasses of sparkling, white, red and rose from around the world. The second you decide to go, make a reservation





No, you’re not dreaming. The St. Gregory Hotel really is a high-end magazine spread brought to life. And yet, the place still manages to be casually cool, welcoming, and perfectly located. Whether you’re a guest of the hotel or not, you’ll still want to wander in to their built-in restaurant and stunning bar. For the ultimate spring outing, order a glass of one of their signature whiskey cocktails. Seriously, do we need to say more?