Last week, TheWrap gathered women across government, media, entertainment, and policy to address pertinent women’s issues at their Power Women Breakfast at the W Hotel in Washington, DC.

The event hosted award-winning actress Elisabeth Moss and author Margaret Atwood and was sponsored by Hulu, Discovery, SAG-AFTRA and Creative Future.

Elisabeth Moss and Margaret Atwood discuss “The Handmaiden’s Tale”

Moss and Atwood appeared at the breakfast to talk about the upcoming Hulu series “The Handmaid’s Tale,” based on Atwood’s 1985 best-selling novel. Sales of the book have soared since the election of President Trump.

“I think our generation has taken our rights for granted,” said Moss.

“The wave [of feminism] is coming back as we’re faced with things being taken away from us that we thought we would always have– [like] reproductive rights. For me I’ve definitely become more aware and more active in the last few years.”

Attendees listen to panelists at The Wraps Power Women Breakfast 2017

Notable guests in attendance also included Susan Tynan, Founder and CEO of Framebridge; Jenny Wall, CMO, Hulu; Stephanie von Friedeburg, Vice President and Chief Information Officer at The World Bank Group; Denise Krepp, former Chief Counsel for U.S. Maritime Administration  (MARAD); Elisa Munoz, Executive Director, IWMF; Uma Iyer, Senior Director of Engagement, Vital Voices and Carol Melton, Executive Vice President for Global Public Policy at Time Warner.

A woman tweets at TheWrap’s Power Women Breakfast

This is the second year the Power Women Breakfast series has come to the nation’s capital to connect influential women across industries.

Photography by E. Brady Robinson