Meet Keith & Tiffany. They’re counted as a young Washington power couple… and they’re getting married. Here’s the background on their engagement status story:

Who: Keith Benjamin II & Tiffany Blacknall

Ages: 27 & 28

Occupations: Transportation Policy & Advocacy Professional and College Access & Success Professional

Hometowns: South Brunswick, NJ & Louisburg, NC

How Kieth Popped the Question

Keith told Tiffany they were doing a photo shoot for a couple’s profile with photographer Andrew Lee. She was to report to the Jefferson Hotel at 9am Saturday, February 8th with three changes of clothing. The Presidential Suite at the Jefferson Hotel was reserved for the engagement shoot. While giving her a tour of the suite, Keith paused in front of the French doors that open to the terrace and said, “I know you thought that this was just a couple’s shoot, but this is actually our engagement shoot; but first, we have to be engaged.”

Wedding Date: October 3rd, 2014

engaged670How They Met

In April 2011 at a birthday party in DuPont. Keith noticed Tiffany…but she wasn’t interested. “It wasn’t the right time,” says Keith. “We both had growing, exploring, and healing to do. But the stars aligned in winter 2012. She went out on a limb and asked me out on a date thinking I’d just become another casual acquaintance. I said yes thinking the same. We were both wrong and have been inseparable since that winter night at Darnell’s Bar in Washington, DC.”

Special Touches

“We are doing our engagement and wedding OUR way,” says Keith. “We are both very involved in every aspect of the wedding planning process. We are also paying for the wedding ourselves; so we have made it a priority to be on the same page. We are dedicated to honoring our courtship and want nothing more than to respect and love each other and God.”

Photos by Andrew Lee

UPDATE: The couple wed in October 2014.