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Although a relatively new concept, Friendsgiving has quickly become a tradition almost as important as Thanksgiving.

Holiday food, festive cocktails, and getting all your closest friends together, it’s the perfect celebration for those of us who find it too difficult to travel home, have to work the Thursday of Thanksgiving, or simply want to give thanks for friendship.

Despite Friendsgiving typically being held on the Wednesday before or Friday after Thanksgiving, there aren’t too many “traditions” associated with this bonus-holiday. Yes, it’s customary for whoever is hosting to prepare the turkey so that no one needs to prepare AND transport the main course; but other than that, how you and your friends want to spend Friendsgiving is up to you.

But because the traditions we create is what makes any holiday special, we recommend these 5 new Turkey Day traditions to start with your friends.

Serve a Signature Cocktail

For everyone who has ever hosted Friendsgiving, you know there will be no shortage of alcohol. Wine. Champagne. Beer. Liquor. You name it, your friends will have it. While having a few bottles of wine and cases of beer in stock is especially important for your get-together, try greeting your guests with a signature fall cocktail. Pull together a warm Apple Toddy, Cranberry Champagne cocktail, or a Mulled Red Wine Sangria to kick the party off.

Replace the Name Cards

Instead of the same beautifully written place cards you did last year, try assigning someone a funny meme that you know relates to them perfectly. Your friend Zach who always puts way too much salt and pepper in the mashed potatoes? Salt Bae. Your friend Danielle? Obviously a “damn, Daniel” meme.

Say What You’re Thankful For

I know what you’re thinking. This is exactly what we do when we’re with our families on Thanksgiving. But instead of everyone going around the table toasting to what they’re thankful for this year, have everyone write it down and place it in a bowl. Once everyone is done, pass the bowl around and guess who is thankful for what. Whether it’s something genuine or silly, you and your friends will enjoy this guessing game of thanks.

Initiate a Dessert War

After you and your friends have semi-recovered from your dinner-induced coma, it’s time to tackle dessert. This year make dessert interesting by having a contest. Pick a theme for this year’s selection of desserts and ask each of your friends to prepare something. Whether the theme be apple flavored or rice crispy creation, everyone will bring something for you to judge. You’re the host after all.

The winner of this year’s dessert war will get to judge AND pick the theme of next year’s competition. Another twist to the dessert war is a cookie contest. Prepare plain sugar cookies and have friends decorate the cookies with sprinkles, frosting, candy and other toppings.

Play Friendsgiving Bingo

Aside from the dessert war, we’ve got another game to get the competition in your friend group going: Friendsgiving Bingo.

Almost Makes Perfect has the perfect bingo sheet for you on their website, but feel free to customize your own and make it more specific to you and your friends. Jessica gets drunk on the wine? Ben periodically checks Instagram? Hannah is the first one to fall asleep after dinner? Check!