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Telecommuting may not be a viable option for every employee or every industry, but incorporating flexibility into your current work schedule may be the very thing your Millennial employees are craving.

Millennials, present these 3 reasons to your boss when you make the ask to telecommute. And managers, here’s why Millennials in the workplace prefer teleworking options as opposed to the regular old 9 to 5:

It makes work customizable

There is no cookie-cutter approach to management. Every employee has his or her own preferred work style and environment. They even have their own ideal productivity hour. Rather than dictate a one-size-fits-all approach, allow your employees to customize their work experience.

Have you noticed some staff prefer morning meetings while others come up with their best ideas in the afternoon? Create a flexible work environment that allows staff to spend time working when they are most productive. Issue surveys, develop questionnaires, or simply ask open-ended questions of the group to discover how each member of your team feels they work best.

Millennials in the workplace love customizing everything—from our shopping experiences to how we watch movies. Now in the workforce, Millennials want to create their own office hours that best meet their work-style. Allow staff to try out working from home in the morning or taking work home at night. Focus on results achieved rather than time clocked.

It shows you trust us

No one likes being micromanaged. Have you ever felt like someone was standing over your shoulder, judging your every move and commenting how they could (and would) do it better? It’s the worst.

No matter your position in the company, micromanaging cripples personal productivity. Millennials in the workplace feel particularly offended when their manager shows a lack of confidence in their ability to get things done on their own. Some employees may need more leadership and mentoring before being given larger roles, while others are eager for greater responsibility.

Allowing staff to telecommute empowers them with this simple but strong message: I trust you.

By giving staff the option to get work done when they are able to, it shows you believe in their abilities and focus. They become appreciated members of the team who are expected to contribute their best, in and out of the office. It also shows that you respect their personal time and priorities.

It makes us more productive

More and more Millennials in the workplace are getting degrees online. Rather than sitting in a classroom for hours, we now have the option to earn the same degree from the comfort of our apartment.

The factors of production look different today. Because of technology, many jobs that required physical offices are being replaced by tele-communities. I am often asked if Millennials will give up on face-to-face communication entirely. Absolutely not. We all need personal interaction. However, providing staff the option to work when and how they choose—especially to work from home—is a win-win for the employee and the company.

Millennials are digital natives who are just as productive from their couch or in their local coffee shop. For staff with long commutes, young families or extenuating circumstances, telecommuting is a godsend.

Gabrielle Jackson Avatar

Gabrielle Jackson helps businesses tap into their Millennial talent, understand what makes them tick, and transform young employees into vital members of the team. Follow Gabrielle on Twitter @SaysGabrielle