Why is it that some people always seem to have job offers while others are chronically unemployed?

Although you might chalk it up to good luck, these 3 successful professionals (who landed jobs in less than 30 days) know it’s because they went against the grain.

These go-getters got crafty, went above and beyond, and successfully beat out the competition. Here’s how they did it.

How to Get a Job Fast: Use Social Media

Based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Yarden Cohen was searching for new scenery and a new job in the Bay area.

Even in a booming economy, Cohen was having a hard time securing the type of position she wanted. But that didn’t stop the Product Marketing Manager from going after her goal.

“I created an Angel List profile and went on a job hunting binge,” says Cohen.

“When I checked my profile the next day, I saw the CEO of Instawork, (a San Francisco based startup) had viewed my profile, but didn’t reach out. So I did some social media stalking, found him on Facebook, and sent him a message. Still no answer.”

“I then emailed the general email listed on the company website apologizing (sort of) for messaging their CEO on Facebook, and explained that I simply wanted a chance to talk.’

“Finally, the CEO responded saying something along the lines of “talk to you when you move.” I couldn’t move to the most expensive city in the U.S. without a job. I said let’s just talk. What’s the big deal? He gave me a chance to chat on the phone. After that, I then sent over a 10 page, 60 day plan I created for the company.”

“15 days later, I was offered the job and booked a one-way ticket across the country.”

Cohens advice: “My message is to take an unconventional approach to grabbing an employers attention. They hired a stranger without ever meeting me because I messaged one of the top executives on Facebook. Use social media as a tool to get in front of the people you want to meet. Tweet at them, like their photos, get in their face. It can feel like you’re being obnoxious but in reality, CEO’s appreciate hustle and persistence.”


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How to Get a Job Fast: Be a Little Extra

During his time at the Washington, D.C. based start-up public affairs firm Clyde Group, Alex Morris says his team saw hundreds of resumes a day.

“We want to be a firm that stands out,” says Morris. “Which means we’re only going to move on applicants that stand out from the rest. Frankly the intern applications we receive often outdo the executives who think their resume can do all the talking—it can’t.”

“For example, a current member of our team mailed—along with her resume, cover letter and writing samples—a case of sparkling water with a witty note alluding to our website which mentions our affinity for the bubbly beverage.”

“It helped that her written materials were up to snuff, but so were the materials of many other applicants whose presentation was less bold. How could we not put her resume at the top of the pile?”

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How to Get a Job Fast: Pick Up The Phone

Paul Koger landed a finance job in just 24 hours. How did he do it? He called and asked for an interview.

“I understood the company was looking for people with a minimum of 3-year experience in the field, which I did not have. Despite that, these positions were scarce and I decided to go all in and get the job.

“Instead of sending my CV, I decided to call HR directly to set up a meeting and they agreed. I ended up landing the job, the main reason being my utter motivation, which shined through. This was enough to shadow my inexperience.”

“Calling the company directly and being proactive was one of the pivotal points of my life, otherwise they would have never considered me.”

How to Get a Job Fast: Set a Time Frame

Founder & CEO of CloserIQ Jordan Wan says strong candidates should give the potential employer their timeline.

“Set a time frame upfront. If you are a strong candidate and you communicate early that you want to make a decision within 20 days, the hiring manager can help prioritize your candidacy relative to other candidates. Note that if you make the time frame too short, it could take your candidacy out of the running so be reasonable. Two to 3 weeks is usually enough.”

How to Get a Job Fast: A Strong Online Presence

Hiring Manager Kelly Mitchell of global cybersecurity company TDI says she looks for professionals with a strong online presence.

“Of course we value all of the traditional skills like certifications, experience, and leadership,” says Mitchell. “But we also pay close attention to people who present themselves as experts on social media.”

“If we see a candidate with the skills we’re looking for and in addition writes regularly about their subject matter on social media, chances are they will get the job pretty quickly.”

“The need for companies to generate voluminous content from experts is at an all-time high and the responsibility to communicate it is no longer limited to the traditional marketing department.”