Extensive data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics has revealed that 20% of startups fail during the first year, 45% fail within five years, 65% fail within 10 years, and 25% survive for up to fifteen years.

The pandemic hasn’t made things any simpler for businesses since 4.3 million startups were born in 2020, and over 2.81 million startups have already joined the market in Q1 and Q2 of 2021. 

It’s clear: if you want your brand to stand out from the throng of generic businesses and fierce market competition, you’ll need to learn how to create a strong brand identity.

3 Effective Business Branding Strategies 

Begin by Researching Your Target Customers

A strong brand identity can only be developed if you have a large client base. Many business owners believe that branding is just concerned with marketing. However, no matter how hard you try to advertise your business, it is your customers who’ll propel it to success.

And the best approach to establishing a brand that your customers will willingly interact with is to involve them in the product creation process, as well as the formulation and implementation of your brand’s principles. 

But all of this is only possible if you have a thorough understanding of your target customer’s needs, how they react to your products and services, how they perceive your competitor’s brands and products.

Create a Strong Brand Identity

Every business has an identity, and the identity of your brand comprises what it says, your values, how you portray your product, and how you want people to feel when they engage with it.

The identity of your brand is essentially your company’s personality as well as a promise to your audience. To remain competitive, your brand’s identity must be examined and changed on a regular basis to ensure that it delivers on your company’s core promises.

So, to measure your company’s progress, use Google Analytics, customer surveys, reviews, and social media discussions. This will show you how customers talk about and engage with your brand, as well as assist you in identifying and focusing on particular areas that require development.

Get the Best Name for Your Business

A powerful brand name will distinguish your business by effectively conveying your brand’s identity, purpose, vision, and goals. Coca-Cola, Beyond Meat, Apple, Tesla, and Gucci are just a few examples of brands with unique names that shine.

So, now that you’ve gathered critical information about your target audience and created a strong brand identity, it’s time to engage your creative side and look for unique and captivating words that fit your company’s naming requirements.

We understand how tough it can be to discover a great brand name, but it doesn’t have to be that way because enlisting the help of a team to assist you in the branding process can make brainstorming a breeze.

So, educate your staff about your brand and urge them to be creative while brainstorming. Allow your team to use dictionaries, thesauruses, and any other resources that will assist them in coming up with the most interesting and engaging words.

Keep in mind that the objective here is to generate a list of names that are both related to your company’s goals and appealing to customers.

However, if you don’t have a team and compiling a list of names appears to be a difficult and time-consuming procedure, you can use a powerful business name generator to pick the best name for your company.

Grow Your Company Wisely

Don’t make the same error that most entrepreneurs do by aggressively attempting to develop your business. By expanding too quickly, you risk losing track of your finances, overvaluing sales, making critical mistakes, failing to hire the appropriate people, failing to expand your customer service, and losing your brand’s fundamental identity.

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Grant Polachek is the Head of Branding at Inc 500 company Squadhelp.com, the worlds #1 naming platform, with 30,000+ customers from early-stage startups across the globe to the largest corporations including Nestle, Philips, Hilton, Pepsi, and AutoNation.