As much as we’d like to think our work should speak for itself on LinkedIn, a profile photo (or lack thereof) often speaks louder.

If you’re currently job-hunting, upping your profile photo game could be the cherry on top.

Your online presence tells a story. Does your photo match the story you want to tell? Let’s say your goal is to tell a story that is clear, effective, and communicates executive presence. Having a profile with no photo, or a poorly shot photo, could be communicating a different story than the one you want to tell.

Keep in mind who you’re sharing your story with. The people you interact with on LinkedIn will often include recruiters, current coworkers, potential coworkers and potential future partners.

Here’s what not to do, and the type of photos you should avoid when you’re trying to tell your story of success.

1. Too casual

While casual photos work well on most social media platforms, selecting an overly casual photo for LinkedIn (for example, a photo where you’re lying on a sofa watching TV ) may prevent you from connecting with the people you want to connect with most. 

2. Heavily edited

Being authentic in your photos is another important part of telling a great story. That’s why it’s best practice to avoid using a heavily edited profile photo. Photos that drastically alter your appearance can present an inauthentic side of you. 

If a recruiter of that new contact wouldn’t be able to recognize you in person, your photo could be more authentic.

3. The pout selfie 

Oh the pout selfie. Is it necessary to say anything here? Although an argument can be made for this type of photo for people in certain industries, the point is to put your best foot forward. 

4. Partying picture

Last but not least, another type of picture to avoid using on your LinkedIn profile account is a partying picture. While many people may be partying animals who enjoy partying in any kind of style, party memory pictures are not good to upload as LinkedIn profile pictures. 

Avoid posting pictures of yourself partying with friends in a club as there may be things that can destroy the visual. Post a picture that looks decent and elegant enough for you to be easily recognized.

A Final Word 

LinkedIn is making a mark in becoming one of the best platforms for people to look for opportunities in their professional fields, knowing the type of picture to upload as LinkedIn profile pictures is very important for your professional aspect. 

This is why people must carefully choose the right picture to upload as it speaks a thousand words. Since the LinkedIn profile picture acts as a first impression, it must be attractive, appealing, decent and professional, and decent to increase the chances of connecting with potential recruiters.

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