I love sweet potatoes. Seriously. I would eat one every day if I could, and not just as sweet potato fries (as delicious as those are).

These tasty little root vegetables aren’t actual potatoes, and are loaded with vitamins and minerals, as evidenced by their bright orange color. This super-food is full of beta carotene, helping to boost the immune system, build strong bones, give you beautiful skin and eyes, and help relieve tension. It’s also important to consume a small amount of healthy fats (like those found in coconut oil) in order to get the most out of the beta-carotene in your sweet potatoes.

This vegetable is also great for the heart, blood, and arteries because it has magnesium which helps to relieve stress and tension. Orange is the color of the Sacral chakra which has to do with creativity, sexuality, and feelings. It is believed that eating orange foods corresponds to this chakra, balancing your emotions and allowing you to live a more passionate, intimate, and freer life.

These are a perfect addition to your weekly menu– they are versatile and easy to make, even for the busiest young pro. My favorite way to eat them is to just  pop one in the microwave (wash it and puncture it several times with a knife or fork beforehand) and  eat it as a side dish. Or, you can use them in burritos by boiling them for 10-15 minutes, and mixing them with beans, onions, salsa, and any other ingredients of choice in a wrap. With all of these benefits and their yummy taste, I don’t know how you couldn’t love them. Happy Lunching!

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Catherine Miller is a certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher and an aspiring Holistic Nutritionist who is passionate about sharing health and wellness with others. Follow her on Twitter @miss_touche