It’s easy to get sidetracked with deadlines, a calendar of events, and a constant drive to reach higher heights. But if you’re looking to recenter and refocus your mid-year goals, reading one of these motivational books should be first on your list.

Each one of these books took me by surprise. Both in title and appearance, I didn’t expect much. But they all effectively helped motivate me to change a critical aspect of my finances, my career, and my perspective in life. I’m confident they’ll do the same for you.

The best part? They’re all available as audiobooks on Audible, so you can go for a run, clean the house, or commute while upping your game. You can start a complimentary trial membership here.

Here are the motivational books that will make you rich, bold, and brilliant:

The One Thing

Written by Real Estate magnate Gary Keller (of Keller Williams Realty) and Jay Papasan, the central idea of The One Thing is as powerful as it is simple. As business professionals, the writers didn’t find massive success until they focused on what was working and built upon that one successful thing. I love that this book doesn’t just tell you to pick one product or service or idea, but actually gives you a roadmap of how to do so.

I Know How She Does It

Similar to Cheryl Sanberg’s Lean In, Laura Vanderkam encourages women to reach for more in their careers in her book I Know How She Does It.

But rather than just telling you to “lean in” Vanderkamp takes a radically effective approach. The author begins by acknowledging a belief many women have– that they must choose between starting families, leisure time, or a successful career. Vanderkam turns this preconceived notion on its head. She analyzes the time of successful women-(most of which have families) to see how they spend their time. The results are not just surprising, but powerful.

Rule #1 Investing

As more and more millennials look to build wealth, financial guru Phil Town presents a plausible path to do so through stock investments. Town puts the power back into the hands of individual investors (you) rather than mutual fund managers. If you’re interested in getting started with investing in stocks, or you want to make sense of your 401k, this book is one of the best places to get start.