On Thursday night, CAPITOL STANDARD magazine hosted Networking for the Rest of Us, a 45-minute course for the career-driven pro looking to become a more powerful, effective networker.

The course focused on practical tips anyone could use not only to enhance their presence at an event, but in the boardroom, at an interview, and while interacting in intimidating social circles.

Course instructor Melanie Rivera-Duppins has a background in human-capitol and has sustained a career around recognizing and building talent. Some of her best insights of the night  include:

Reach out to Contacts in Advance

Does the event organizer offer a list of people who will be there ahead time? Reach out to those you want to be sure you have a chance to speak with and virtually meet them first.

Work on Your Vault

Successful people are powerful because they have a few good stories they tell over and over again. Find your vault of stories that engage your listener or audience and have them on hand so you’re never lost for words.

Be Powerful

Powerful people know what they bring to the table and how they can be useful to others. They drop credibility indicators when they’re relevant and never come off as self-deprecating or needy.

The course was followed by a networking reception on the rooftop of 1730 Pennsylvania Ave NW. Bottles of wine and ready-to-eat snacks were generously provided by our sponsor Instacart

photo 2
A few Networking for the Rest of Us attendees chat on the roof of 1730 Penn Ave NW.