Although a spoonful of tomato salsa is a mere 9 calories, just 10 tortilla chips (which are most likely deep fried) are a whopping 146 calories. The truth is you won’t eat just 10. And as many as you do end up eating are empty of nutrients.

When you snack excessively it can be a sign that your body isn’t getting enough nutrients from your current diet. To truly satisfy those munchies reach for a healthy option in order to avoid junk or fatty food.

Swap Chips and Salsa for Nori and Brown Rice

The classic tortilla chips and salsa are the usual go to when we’re looking for an easy, portable snack. But so many on the market are loaded with fat and sodium. Replace the negative calories with simple hand rolls of Nori and brown rice. Or bake them for a few minutes for a crunchy, chip-like substitue.

Baked Nori chips with red pepper flakes. Photo and recipe via Food to Love.

Nori is the dried seaweed used as sushi wrap. Containing protein, fiber, iron, along with Vitamins A, B, and K, it’s incredibly good for you.  As an added benefit, Nori contains iodine, a mineral necessary for optimal thyroid health but lacking in the average American diet.

To make this snack just wrap strips of Nori around cooked brown rice and eat! Want to experiment with handroll sushi? Add in other ingredients like avocado, cucumber, and kimchi for added flavor.

Nori can be found at most Asian grocery stores or the Asian section of your local food store. Ready to stock up on healthier snack options? Head to Hana Japanese Market in Washington, DC. The Asian grocery store carries a wide range selection of seaweed and other unique snack alternatives.

You can also find the salty seaweed snack online, here.