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Use them to reach the career and lifestyle of your dreams. 

From premium services to recommended reading, you’ll want to dive in and see what successful professionals use to get a leg up on the competition, build wealth, and stand out among their peers.

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Career Upgrades


Whether you’re just starting out or looking to jump into the career of your dreams, having the perfect resume is crucial. TopResume is recognized as a top resume service with high-quality resume writers. 

They understand how to get through internet gatekeepers and what it takes to get your resume in front of decision-makers– regardless of your industry. The best part? Their premium service offers a complete rebranding of your most important online career profile– your LinkedIn page. 

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Launch your writing career. Stop hunting, start earning. WritersWork is an all-in-one platform that helps current and aspiring writers earn money from their writing. Stand up a writing business in no time and start writing for brands, businesses, and individuals on day one. 

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Professional Development


Even better than the spark note version of books, is listening to your favorite book like you would your favorite record. Audible brings books to life with a collection of books you can listen to wherever and whenever. Listening to books on tape helps me get through at least 2 books each month. Ready to get started?

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Coursera is THE leader in online learning. And for good reason. There you can take courses from top universities like Yale and Harvard. Take courses to polish your skills, add them to your resume, or earn a degree. We put together a breakdown of the best courses Coursera here.

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Their digital courses are always on trend and of the highest quality. They’re also incredibly affordable. Some of my favorite courses include their writing and Project Management courses. Ready to find yours? 

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Savings & Investing 


CIT Bank 2.30% APY High Yield Savings Account

With one of the best savings rates in the nation, CIT bank’s high interest savings account will help you reach your savings and investing goals. Open an account and maintain a $25,000 balance or deposit at least $100 per month to be eligible. Your money is FDIC insured and the interest you earn won’t be matched anywhere else. 

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Personal Branding 


Bluehost Web Hosting

Whether you’re launching a business or a personal website, you’re going to need a web host. There are lots of options out there, but time and again I go back to Bluehost. You can’t beat their service and you’ll never beat their price (as little as $3.95 per month). 

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Branding 101, claim your name on the internet before it’s too late. Namecheap is true to its name and makes it easy and affordable to buy your domain name “youname.com” online. Whether you choose to create a website, collect emails, or redirect it to your LinkedIn profile, you’ll want to stake your claim of the web. 

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