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In partnership with Downtown Silver Spring.

With deep roots in the world of fashion and styling, Robin Fisher moved to the Silver Spring area 18 years ago to build a business she was passionate about; and one that was all her own.

Originally from Oakland, CA Fisher worked as a Style Director for a magazine, a Product Planning Manager for a specialty chain, and a Production Manager for labels in her former life.

But although she loved the hustle and bustle of the corporate world, Robin’s priorities changed when she and her husband were blessed with a set of twins. It was at that moment she decided to take control of her schedule and her life.

Today Fisher runs Polished, an image and styling company. There, Robin works with high-functioning professionals, executives, and influential people– offering everything from simple wardrobe updates to complete makeovers.

A busy wife and mother, Robin’s days are a whirlwind of consultations, shopping with clients, and photo shoots. But on a quiet evening in August, we caught up with her to get some styling tips and a sense of Washington’s evolving fashion scene.

CS: What’s your personal style and what have you learned about style through the years?

Robin: I’ve learned that personal style is truly individual. Two people can never wear a look or item the same because they will feel different about it. You have to love your wardrobe to feel confident, and it has to fit your lifestyle to truly function. What good is a closet full of designer suits, when you rarely wear suits. I never service two clients the same, because they all have a different vision and that vision should be honored.

When it comes to my personal style those closest to me say my look is updated but anchored in the classics.

I respect classic silhouettes, but I get bored with them unless they have a creative twist. I love playing with trending colors, print, and subtle details.

CS: What do you like about living and working in the Downtown Silver Spring area?

I love the diversity of Downtown Silver Spring and the DMV region. I’ve always loved international communities, being raised in the San Francisco Bay Area truly exposes you to different cultures. So Silver Spring always gives me the feeling of home, and it’s a great place to raise a family.

I also love the unique spaces in Downtown Silver Spring– like Starbucks and the OUTBOX presented by Adventist HealthCare — that help me be productive and unwind.

The OUTBOX in Downtown Silver Spring has free Wi-Fi and outdoor seating.

CS: Where are your favorite places to shop?

Robin: The weekend farmers market in Downtown Silver Spring are amazing!

I’m also always able to find discounted gems at the DSW— what girl doesn’t love shoes? I love the H&M we have here because they have stylish finds for my whole family. And Ulta is a great place to stock up on new makeup.

Shopping for clients (and herself) at DSW in Downtown Silver Spring

CS: Talk to us about the fashion scene in the greater DMV area:

Robin: When I moved here 18 years ago, I honestly saw everyone in black, gray or navy suits. But the fashion scene is evolving and it’s exciting! Now you see people being expressive in the way they dress.

And Downtown Silver Spring has such great variety of retail. Online shopping is great, but you can’t beat going to a brick and mortar shop, getting a feel for the style, and trying things on.

There is also a booming beauty scene here. With so many events going on, makeup and hair stylists are needed to complete the total look.

CS: Has living and working in the area helped or hurt your career?

Robin: Honestly, the DMV has done both. When I relocated here 18 years ago as an executive buyer for a major department store, this was an amazing opportunity for me, but when I looked around it was one of the only corporate fashion opportunities available to me in the DMV. In San Francisco, the opportunities were booming.

However, the DMV culture and work ethic fueled me to create my own opportunity within the fashion space. I’m honestly not sure if I would have been as motivated to become my own boss on the west coast, so I feel very blessed that there are so many successful people here, which motivated me to become one of them.

CS: What does a fashion stylist do for fun?

Robin: Every minute of my day I’m on the go, and honestly I love it.

I currently serve as Regional Director of Fashion Group International. So working with my board to plan and run events also keeps me very busy.

But when I’m not working, I’m hanging out with my husband and 3 sons. My boys are very active in sports, so I enjoy watching them do what they love!

I’ve been blessed to cultivate some great relationships with other thriving professionals in the region who I love to connect and spend quality time with. When we have a free night, we grab drinks on the patio of Copper Canyon Grill in Downtown Silver Spring.

Truly, in Downtown Silver Spring, I have everything I need here.


Photography by Joy Asico