Sometimes you just want to forget the plates, knife, and fork and take your dinner to the face. Luckily, locally-sourced gourmet sandwiches are scattered throughout the city, waiting to be discovered. 

Satisfy your sandwich craving and stop by one of these must-try city hot spots.


Let’s talk fresh and made from scratch. Doing things old school is not far from what’s going on at Bub and Pop’s. The ingredients that grace their famous sandwiches are made in-house and with a signature touch. From their relish made with sweet and hot peppers, to their top-secret vinaigrette, authenticity is the key element. Pair off an Italian hoagie with a cup of soup and bon appetite.  

1815 M St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20036 | (202) 457-1111


Cut out the big distributors, add fresh locally grown produce to the mix, and voila you have SUNdeVICH! Keeping the ingredients organic, this sub shop is soon to start growing their very own herbs and vegetables right on the rooftop garden above the shop. Baked daily by a local bakery, the French style demi-baguettes that holds it all together is a loaf rich in flavor.  

1314 9TH St. Washington, D.C 20001 | (202) 319-1086


Tucked away in a gas station, Fast Gourmet is another one of D.C’s hidden treasures. This urban sub shop serves up some of the tastiest street foods and in a matter of minutes. Giving you a mixed selection, they serve a variety of urban flavors as well as cultural tastes. Adding creativity to it all, Fast Gourmet is a must try.  

1400 W St. NW, Washington, D.C 20009 | (202) 448-9217


A healthy alternative to your daily temptations, Mother Ruckers Subs hits the spot and has you coming back for seconds. Leave the greasy burgers, this sub shop has freshly sliced roast beef, salami, ham, and turkey to name a few. The warm freshly baked bread hugs together all of the crisp ingredients and freshly cut cheeses.

1101 Bladensburg Rd NE, Washington D.C 20002 | (202) 388-1881


This family owned Italian sub shop off Pennsylvania Avenue will send you all the way up the road to sandwich heaven. Sink your teeth into their saucy meatball sub or have fresh greens on a cold cut.  You can’t go wrong with a menu that makes for diverse combinations of hot and cold subs on either hard or soft rolls. Have a growling stomach? Say no more.

1317 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Washington D.C 20003 | (202) 543-6212


If you happen to find yourself lost in the midst of Washington Harbor right at the Georgetown waterfront, then you have just found yourself near the entrance of The Best Sandwich Place. Walk through the doors and order yourself a creatively mastered sandwich and make your way to the Potomac River. These sandwiches each carry a unique sauce and they will melt right in your mouth. Savor it and come back for more.

3000 K St. NW #115, Washington D.C 20007 | (202) 298-0417


In the mood for something hearty? Well, let us introduce you to the freshly carved meats of MGM Roast Beef. Flavor is packed into theses marvelously crafted sandwiches. The abundance of ingredients will have you taking big bites out of these subs. Don’t forget to add fresh cut fries to the mix. When all is said and done, walk in off.

1905 Brentwood Rd. NE, Washington, D.C 20018  | (202) 248-0389


If the atmosphere wasn’t enough to draw you in, then the phenomenal eats at this gastropub will definitely have you calling for a late night cab. You won’t leave unsatisfied after having a plate full of what Duke’s Grocery is dishing up. What you’re tasting in each bite of your sandwich are the locally harvested produce from the Potomac farm Market and Lyon bakery, to name a few of the local business they partner with. How fresh are their ingredients? There is no set menu. The menu alters according to whatever ingredients are the freshest of the day.

1513 17th St. NW, Washington, D.C 20036 | (202) 733-5623