In the midst of cargo shorts and lifeless gray suits, these Capitol Hill men are shattering the stereotype of DC as an “ugly” government town with no sense of style. The truth is, cool and charisma does live here.

J West Final 2 Capitol Hill Style

Name: Julius West, 30. Title: Member Services Staffer for a House Democrat. Style Mantra: Simple. “What’s on sale at Marshall’s?”

Andrew Final Capitol Hill Style

Staffer Andrew Simpson Capitol Hill Style


Name: Andrew Simpson, 26

Title: Senior Legislative Assistant and Communications Director for House Democrat

Style Mantra: Fashion is temporary, style is timeless.

“Growing up, we didn’t have much money to spend on clothes, but my dad taught me to have an eye for detail and an appreciation for style. I remember sitting with him on many a hot summer night, watching him diligently polishing his pair of black Allen Edmonds wing tip shoes that he bought in the 1960’s and had kept in pristine condition all those years. He showed me that style, like so many other things in life, is less about the money you spend and more about the time you put in. I credit my southern style to my old man, the consummate southern gentleman.”

Jermon Williams Finall_

Name: Jermon Williams,  33. Title: Lobbyist and Financial Disclosure Specialist/ Office of the Clerk. Style Mantra: “You can never be over dressed.”

“My personal style is modeled after my father. He believes that a gentleman’s personal style serves as his brand ambassador.”

Slade Brown Final 2

Name: Slade Bond, 28. Title: Democratic Counsel for the U.S. House Judiciary Committee. Style Mantra: Minimalist.

“My uncle had great taste. He cooked well, wore Hickey Freeman suits, and listened to good music while driving a fast car with beautiful leather seats. He was also particular. When I think of style, I think of that sense of purpose.”

William Washington 1

Name: William B. Washington, 23

Title: Special Assistant for Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton

Style Mantra: Look good while having fun. 

“Following too many rules alters one’s ability to create their own style.  Fashion is an extra level of confidence; a layer of armor that says– ‘I’m ready to take on the world!’”