If you’re working in a corporate environment and looking to get out or go up, the reason you may be stuck is because you don’t have a personal career brand. 

In my own career, I’ve been able to pivot from politics to tech and essentially doubly my income with no previous experience in my new industry. How was I able to do it? 


For the last few years, I have worked on my digital presence so that the right opportunities can find me. The reason branding helps your career is because it forces you to communicate the value you bring and have some sort of vision of the future you. 

If you have no idea who you are in your career, where you want to go or the value you bring; working on your brand can help you better communicate your wins. 

There are a few steps to the branding process, but one baby step you can take today is to launch, update or actually start using your LinkedIn profile. 

Don’t wait until you’re miserable in your job to figure this out. By that time, it may be too late.  

There’s no need to overload you with LinkedIn resources. Because the only thing you need to know is this: focus your LinkedIn profile on the career you want. 

Find a job you want and use the same keywords. Find the aspects of your current experience that apply to the new role you want and only mention those things. See your profile from the perspective of a recruiter looking at your profile to see if you have the experience to match the role they are looking to fill. 

Start there and you’re on your way to building a personal career brand. Want to go further? Here are some resources: 

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