If you’ve been searching for stay at home jobs, you’re either overwhelmed by the sheer amount of websites that post them or have no idea where to start.

But high-quality stay at home jobs exist– you just have to know where to look.

Use the Right Keywords to Find Great Stay at Home Jobs

The first step to finding them is to use the right keywords.

As a society, we have yet to agree on one term to describe stay at home jobs. Which means, job posters are using all types of keywords to describe the exact same thing.

If you’re only searching “stay at home jobs” or “remote jobs” you might be missing out on a number of postings that leave out these terms. To remedy this, you’ll want to use as many terms as possible when you start your search.

Here are a few you should be aware of: 

Remote work

Remote job

Virtual work

Virtual job

At-home job




Home-based office



Agnostic location

Distributed workforce

Geographically neutral

Online jobs

Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE)

Distance work

Off-site work

Open location


Digital nomad

Mobile professional

Road warrior

Location independent

Digital workplace

Use these terms to search the world wide web and you should be able to find more opportunities.

The Best Websites to Find Stay at Home Jobs

Next, make note of these regularly updated, hyper-focused websites that post stay at home jobs:

WFH But Hiring

Created by the makers of Free Agency, WFH But Hiring matches work from home jobs with job seekers. Want to kick your search up a notch? This website offers talent agents that represent you in your search for your dream job in tech.


A true oldie but goodie, FlexJobs has been providing quality stay at home job listings for years. Whether you’re looking for a 100% remote job, a flexible job, or a freelance gig, FlexJobs is the your one stop shop. The best part? FlexJobs sets itself apart by vetting every single job they post. That’s something no other job board is doing. Which means you can trust you’re finding high-quality listings. Take a tour of FlexJobs offerings.


Candor is not a job board per se. It’s much better than that. The website crowdsources insider tips from employees at companies around the globe. That means you get firsthand knowledge of who’s hiring before the information hits the rest of the inter-webs. Candor recently created a list of companies that are hiring remote workers right now. Check out the live list here.

The Ladders

Ready to make 6-figures? The Ladders sets itself apart from other job boards by focusing on roles that pay $100,000 or more. They also often have exclusive listings on their website that I don’t see anywhere else. In these competitive times, that kind of exclusivity matters. Edit your job preferences on their website, and then sit back as the recommendations roll in.

The Muse

This hybrid job board, career coaching, and company profile website has everything you need to find the perfect stay at home job with a company you’ll love. The site offers in-depth profiles of hundreds of companies around the world as well as the open opportunities they currently have.

Looking for more resources to level up your job search? Check out this regularly updated worksheet we created for you complete with more job boards, companies hiring, free online classes, and more.

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