This past weekend, the much-anticipated #SummerCool Block Party hosted by Capitol Standard quickly turned into a “dancing in the rain party” as a torrential downpour erupted over our Nation’s Capitol.

Food trucks, fashion trucks, a sweet DJ, and vendors served the few brave souls who came to revel in the rain.

Here’s a recap:

Lots of this was eaten


Most people camped out in VIP tents sponsored by 



Others gave zero f**ks and played in the rain like this


And especially this

dj-turn-table-laptop-outside-block-party-dc-summerOur sponsors and partners for this event include:, United Social Sports, Duke’s Grocery, Smash Productions, Mr. Yogato, Stoney’s DC, Howard Theatre, Tortilla Coast, Starburt Communications, Tin Lizzy Fashion Truck, Dolcezza Gelato, Abby Joy Jewelry, The George Apartments, New York Life Insurance, Art Escapades, Strut Fashion Truck, &

Photos by  and

We’ll see you next year!

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Ursula Lauriston is the Founder & Chief Digital Strategist at CAPITOL STANDARD. A dynamic speaker and syndicated writer, she has been featured in Huffington Post, The Vault, The Muse, Washington Post, and more.