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What exactly should you write in that thank you email after a phone interview? If you’re dusting off your job search skills and find yourself stumped when it comes to choosing the most effective language, keep reading.

I’m about to share the exact language I used in a thank you email after a phone interview to secure a 6-figure job offer. Granted, this was years ago. And it was a thank you card rather than an email. But besides those small details, the heart of the gesture remains the same. 

When To Send a Thank You Email After a Phone Interview 

With any follow up, timing is important. There are two scenarios where a thank you email is most appropriate. Let’s say you had a great conversation with a recruiter or hiring manager and after learning more, decided you do not want the job because the role is not a good fit. This is the perfect time to send a thank you email so you can close out the process respectfully and keep the lines of communication open. 

Here’s the thank you email language I used to say “thanks, but no thanks”:


Thank you for connecting with me today to discuss the JOB TITLE role at COMPANY NAME. It was a pleasure learning more about the company and vision for the team. The role (or culture, or location etc) is not a fit for me at this time, however I would like to stay in touch. If you are open to it, please connect with me on LinkedIn here. 


Your name/Signature 

The second scenario is after the final round of interviews. You clearly still want the role because you’re still here and still engaged. 

Here’s the thank you email language I used to land a six-figure job offer:


Thank you for meeting with me today to discuss the JOB TITLE role at COMPANY NAME. It was a pleasure learning more about you and your vision for the team. I know I have the technical skills and team-oriented personality needed to be successful in this position and I look forward to the opportunity to prove myself to you. 

Your name/Signature 

Here’s Why It Works

This thank you email may seem simple, but there are lots of moving parts that make it effective. Here’s a breakdown of the order:

-Personalize your letter by addressing the interviewers by name. It shows you did your research and pay attention to detail.

-Say thank you immediately. The note does not have to be long, it just needs to do the work of keeping you top of mind.

– Next, you should add a compliment. I like to make it personal and attribute something specific to the interviewer. Most interviews involve talking about the role, the team, and the vision.

-Last but certainly not least, reiterate what you bring to the table by clearly stating why you’re perfect for this role.

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Follow Up 

Delivery is critical. Back when email first began, half the emails we sent weren’t delivered. But today we’ve made leaps and bounds in terms of communication infrastructure. You don’t have to worry about an email being delivered. But you may have to wonder if it was seen. No matter who you are, everyone’s inbox is overflowing. So making sure you follow up in 1-3 days after sending is a good call. 

You can do this by replying to your original email with

“Hello, I wanted to follow up in case you missed this email. Thank you again.”

Do you have the phone number of the recruiter you spoke to? This is a great time to call. 

The Bottom Line

Will a thank you email after a phone interview guarantee you a job offer? Of course not. But in a job market where the objective is to eliminate candidates in order to find the best one, you’ll certainly want every advantage on your side.