We don’t often admit it, but when you live in a very powerful city like Washington, DC, you want to be one-half of a very powerful couple.

When I attended the Hill Newspaper’s annual 50 Most Beautiful People unveiling on the rooftop of 301 New Jersey Avenue, I ended up chatting with a typical well-to-do economics professional who’s lived in DC just under a year.

His number one gripe about living and working in this city? He can’t find a wife.

Some of us might be rolling our eyes at the audacity of his first world problem. While still, others feel his pain.

Finding a date in Washington is easier than finding a job. But finding a significant other who’s ready to get married? Well, that’s damn near impossible.

That’s why we tell the stories of those who have indeed found love in this all-powerful city.

In 2011, Cadene Russell and Mitch Brooks met during a fundraiser for President Obama’s re-election campaign. Since then they’ve stacked up to be the kind of power couple who actually deserve the moniker.

If anything, their professional titles— Chief Operating Officer at DSI and Litigation Associate at a prominent Washington, DC, law firm, respectively—might explain why.

The daughter of a politician (her father is the former Mayor of Lauderdale Lakes, FL) and Duke University graduate, 28-year-old Cadene has dedicated her time to helping communities of color.

And her 32-year-old fiance Mitch, is an influencer for brands like BMW and Jason of Beverly Hills.

Politics runs in her blood. Business runs in his.

Mitch Brooks & Cadene Russell

I asked the duo if they could put in words what being a power couple is all about. Here’s what they shared:

Power Couples Consistently Plan Their Future

In the best-selling book, Smart Couples Finish Rich, financial planner David Bach touches on why the most successful couples are the ones who talk about their vision for the future together.

“Power couples create game plans for their relationship and they respect the game plan,” says Brooks.

“I get the best advice from my fiancée. I know many men who can’t talk to their partners about their business or investments. Essentially, they don’t see how their partner can help them grow their empire or themselves for that matter. You have to see the value in sharing with one another and leaning on one another for feedback.”

“Couples who inspire new dreams and visions in one another, especially the ones you never thought to dream of– that to me is the true definition of a power couple,” says Russell.

They Show Up When It Matters

“Being there for your partner is bigger than just attending an event, says Brooks. “It’s about building a foundation. Your physical attendance may seem like a small thing, but it’s truly symbolic of your commitment to your partner and your shared vision.

Everyone in this city is busy. When you show up for your partner, they understand what it means for a very busy person to sacrifice their time to be there. There is a mutual respect for time. It’s viewed as the most scarce, appreciated, and valued commodity in the relationship.”

They Can Hold Their Own

“You have to retain your individuality and support your partner in retaining theirs,” says Russell.

“No one should have to change everything about themselves for the one they love. In fact, it’s who they are at the core that got you this far.

Now, do they make each other better?  Yes.  Do they help smooth out each other’s rough edges?  Yes.  But who they are at their core, what they love, and what they are passionate about doesn’t have to change.

Real power and influence is being able to create immediate change in your own life and the lives of the people around you.”