With a degree in English, education, and economics, there are more positions looking for your experience than you may think.

As more industries shrink and technology rapidly advances, you should open your mind to the possible careers your skills cross over to. To do that, you’ll need to know where the jobs are. Here are a few industries you might not have known you could get with your major. 

Alternative Jobs for English Majors

When people think English major, the first thing that often comes to mind is an English teacher. There’s actually tons of jobs out there for those who have degrees in English. The excellent writing and organizational skills acquired from courses are helpful for plenty of jobs. 


The job of a lobbyist is to convince legislation to support a certain area of interest. Therefore, great persuasive writing skills are absolutely necessary. Who could be a better persuasive writer than an English major?

Social Media Manager

Social media managers do more writing than you may realize. Twitter and Facebook bios, tweets, posts — they all require good writing skills. Although they’re generally brief, that makes the quality of writing all that much more important.

Paralegals and Legal Assistants

Paralegals spend much of their time researching and drafting documents. This is a job where all of those research papers completed in college could come in handy. 

Jobs for Journalism Majors

Journalism majors are obviously great writers. Now more than ever companies need to communicate with their audience clearly, concisely, and in an interesting way. Journalists have a fundamental understanding of how to write for audiences because they have to talk to people to get the job done. Here are some easy careers journalists can cross over to:


Copywriters basically do the writing for advertisements and other marketing materials — so it’s very important for them to be able to write in a way that will capture the intended audience’s attention, a well-known skill of journalists. 

Public Relations Specialists

The job of PR specialists is to keep up the best image possible for the company or organization they work for. Since journalists know just how to communicate with the public, this is a good job for them. 

Jobs for Psychology Majors

Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents need to understand how their clients are thinking in order to help them get what they are looking for. Psychology majors are perfect for taking into account the thoughts of those clients in order to find them a home they are looking for. 

Market Research Analysts

Market research analysts look at market conditions to predict potential sales of a product or service, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Because psychology students acquire analytical and statistical skills through their coursework and experience, this is a job option for them. 

Jobs for Education Majors

Education degrees prepare you to effectively communicate with large groups of people. So although it may seem as if teaching is the only option, there’s plenty of jobs this degree is useful for.


Librarians job is to keep track of information and assist people in finding the information they are searching for. They also do a good amount of research. Trained to help others patiently and effectively– this job is a perfect match for teachers.

Academic Advisors

Academic advisors work with students to ensure they are on track to graduate. They give them guidance on courses to take and with any other academic-related issues they may have — a great role for someone with an education degree. 

Jobs for Economics Majors

Health Service Manager

Health service managers plan and coordinate health services, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. A thorough understand of economics is beneficial for this type of job.