You need good grades if you are going to get a job. You need a degree to get a job in this economy. Getting into the best schools means more money.

We’ve heard these statements so much they’re practically imprinted on our souls. As expected, we bought into the dream and went on to college– more often then not making poor financial decisions along the way. But after all the time and money spent, employers are now shifting their focus.

Results of a recent national survey of job seekers and HR professionals show 43% of the 2,978 respondents believe “cultural fit” is the single most important determining factor when making a new hire. And while a college education is still important, 64% of hiring managers would still consider a candidate who hadn’t even attended college.

A smart, yet toxic employee can be destructive to the mental health of other employees and ultimately hurt a businesses’ bottom line. Their bad attitude can lead to a decrease in productivity, an unwillingness to go the extra mile, and create an antagonistic working relationship.

Giants like Google have long been ahead of the curve– creating spaces for employees to relax when they need to step away from a frustrating issue, offering day care, and even onsite dance studios.  At their Ireland headquarters, Google has a pub-style lounge for their employees. And in New York, their office boasts a garden terrace overlooking the city. All in an effort to ensure employees love their jobs.

Some companies have even begun paying unhappy employees to leave.  Amazon pays warehouse employees $5,000 dollars to quit. Zappos and Riot games pay up to $25,000. To these leading companies a high GPA pales in comparison to an employee being the perfect cultural fit.

Here are the personality attributes employers are looking for:

A Positive Attitude (84%)

A recent study suggest a positive attitude is one of the most important things an employer is looking for in a potential employee.

A Communicator (83%)

Communication skills are second on the list of skills that potential employers are looking for; as better communication means less frustration.

A Team Player (74%)

Being a team player is the third most important quality potential employers are looking for.