Oh 2019.

It’s been quite a year. Filled with political rollercoasters, Gen Z putting the world to shame, and eyes that beheld a black hole.

Yes, we’ve been through it. But one of the best things about a new year, is the opportunity it brings to reflect. As we settle into 2020, pull up a chair and enjoy these stories that had CAPITOL STANDARD readers clicking early and often. Happy New Year!

Here are the stories you loved reading in 2019:

The Best Dating Apps According to a Seasoned Matchmaker

Here’s some unsolicited dating advice: go for the quirky photo, set up the date without ever leaving the app, and if you want to meet someone IRL, skip the bar and head to an interesting event.

3 Books That Will Make You Richer, Bolder, And More Brilliant

If you’re looking to recenter and refocus your yearly goals, reading a good book should be first on your list.

48 Hours In Baltimore With Photographer Sebastian Marin

By day, 29-year-old Sebastian Marin serves as a Communications Manager for a government agency. At night, he is a creative director and content creator– having worked with colossal brands like Coach, Nike, Sweetgreen, Vice, and Refinery29.

How To Land A Job In Politics With No Experience

When Audrey Henson was selected as a Congressional intern while attending the University of South Florida, it changed the trajectory of her career and ultimately her life.

Increase Your Salary By 20% With These Online Classes

If you’re looking to raise your salary or just find a new job altogether, brushing up on in-demand skills is one of the smartest ways to invest in yourself. The internet makes it even easier by bringing highly-skilled professors and professional instructors into the palm of your hand.

My Path To Writing Speeches For The Likes Of Eric Holder

“I remember when I first wanted to be a speechwriter,” says Riley. “It was during my internship in then senator Obama’s office. I was working for his economic policy advisor. And I knew I wanted to be in politics, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to do policy or communications.”

How To Build Your Tribe And Make Friends After 30

With all the ways there are to connect in this day and age, the art of making friends continues to elude the best of us. How does one make friends in a big city? As an adult?

Inside Yelp’s D.C. Headquarters

With a spanking new office space in the heart of Washington’s Gallery Place neighborhood, Yelp is poised for their D.C. takeover. But they’ll need the right talent to do it.

5 Ways The Incredibly Well-Connected Build Social Capital

Think of social capital in the same way you think of building wealth. It is a form of currency built by making yourself valuable through collaboration, cooperation, and bargaining.