If you want to break out of the typical big movie theater experience, head to Eastern Market. Along the corridors of beloved Barracks Row, you’ll find The Miracle Theatre, a small second-run movie theater built to serve the community. 

The History Behind Barracks Row Theater

Built in the early 1900’s, the theater boasts a rich history.

The original building, the Meader Theatre, opened on December 27, 1909 as a vaudeville theatre– showing a mix of motion pictures and live performances.

The building continued to operate as a movie theatre under several names until 1960:  Meader, New Meader, Family and Academy.  During the theatre’s many transitions and renovations it showed a variety of films including silent, triple-feature westerns and in the late 1950s, foreign films.

In 1962, The People’s Church purchased the building and served the Capitol Hill community for half a century.  On March 23, 2011, National Community Church purchased it. The interdenominational Christian church is popular among Washington’s young tastemakers and is known for opening up their places of worship to the community.

“When we learned about its rich history as a movie theater and showhouse we wanted to revive that history for the community,” says Miracle Theatre’s manager Juliet Main. “We wanted to create a community space and serve in a unique way.”

juliet-main-manager-miracle-theater-dc-eastern-market-dc-barracks-rowBut with a host of options to catch a screening in the city, why visit Miracle Theatre for a second-run movie?

“It is a great option for big groups and families,” says Juliet. “Our concession stand is cheaper and our proceeds go back into the community through community projects. We support programs like the South East White House, DC Dream center, and supporting orphans in the Congo, Uganda, and Haiti.”


Simply put, they want to make your day miraculous.

Buy tickets to Miracle Theatre’s next screening here.

Photography by Leah Beilhart 

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