If touring the world isn’t on your list for this weekend, consider grabbing your wallet and heading to the closest ethnic food joint in the District. Your escape will begin as soon as you take a bite of something deliciously unfamiliar. Start your tour with these hand-picked destinations within city limits:  


Giving you an experience of the Indian culture, Rasika West End lives up to its ranking for being one of the 20 best restaurants across the nation as named in Zagart’s 2014 America’s Top Restaurants Survey.  Its prominent architectural design resembling a banyan tree draws the eyes to this restaurants stunning features, but the focal point lies in the variety of modern and authentic Indian cuisine. These tandoori and regional dishes are prepared both on the Tawa and Sigri. Your taste buds won’t be short to indulge in this Indian cuisine affair.

1190 New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, D.C 20037 | (202) 466-2500

ZENEBECH | Ethiopian

Freshly baked injera right off the mitad can be found inside a small Ethiopian restaurant in the Shaw neighborhood. Baked every day for two decades, there’s no question about its perfection. Bringing authenticity to Ethiopian dishes in D.C, Zenebech uses only the best and most organic spices to give you savory dishes and a true taste of Ethiopia.

608 T St. NW, Washington D.C 20001 | (202) 667-4700

SOI 38 | Thai

Deriving its name from the famous food district and night market in Bangkok, Soi 38 brings you a taste of Thailand’s culinary roots. As night comes over the skies of Thailand, the streets become crowed with vendors out to present their very best authentic dishes.  But as the night comes over the skies of D.C, you can sit in the modish Soi 38 and enjoy these same dishes prepared by their crafted chef.

2101 L St. NW, Washington D.C 20337 | (202) 558-9215


Enter into the intimate ambiance through the doors of the upscale Sakedokoro Makoto. Its name meaning “Place of Sake” and “Harmony,” you would expect nothing less. The dishes meet the expectations of this trending restaurant on MacArthur Blvd. The sushi will melt in your mouth and each dish is nothing less of extraordinary and uniquely prepared

4822 MacArthur Blvd NW, Washington, D.C 20007 | (202) 298-6866


A low key Mexican hidden gem in the city of D.C, La Plaza Mexican Cuisine takes you on a ride to South American and back. You can dive straight into something spicy or savor the bold flavors of what Mexico has to offer. If the summers get too hot, indulge in one of their ice cold margaritas or pina coladas on the patio.

629 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington, D.C 20003 | (202) 546-9512


Looking up at the sky over a balcony, with a candle lite dinner, and sounds of Italy coming from inside, for a split second you forget that you’re in D.C. Ristorante Piccolo has a reputation for romance, first dates, and marriage proposals. The warmth of the atmosphere draws you in. The artistry of the dishes will catch your eyes, but the taste of Italy will capture your soul.

1068 31st St. NW, Washington, D.C 20007 | (202) 342-7414